Hi, I’m Julie, a former park ranger who writes about family and the outdoors. I am especially interested in wildlife, fly fishing, and public lands, including national parks.

If you’re headed for Rocky Mountain, Grand Teton, or Grand Canyon national parks, please check out my children’s books: What I Saw in Rocky Mountain: A Kid’s Guide to the National Park (brand new!), What I Saw in Grand Teton: A Kid’s Guide to the National Park (a 2018 High Plains Book Awards finalist), and What I Saw in Grand Canyon: A Kid’s Guide to the South Rim. These books also can serve as a fun introduction for adults.

My essays and articles have appeared in High Country News, Grays Sporting Journal, Montana Outdoors, Christian Science Monitor, and Big Sky Journal.

You can reach me at luejulie[@]gmail.com.

© 2018 Julie Lue, author photo courtesy Keri Petrilli Photography